Learn the Steps to create Your First App

Join us for this webinar training to uncover the 4 crucial steps that successful app teams use to save time & money, and to launch great ideas, faster.

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Discover the step that separates fast-launching app ideas from the ones that drag on for years, soaking up the founder's money and energy.

Whether you want to build your own app, get a development job or simply to know how to work better with technical teams, this training will be a valuable investment of time.

Your Instructor

Chris Castiglione

Founder & Master Teacher at One Month.

Chris was the first-ever teacher at General Assembly, and is also a professor at Columbia University where he teaches Digital Literacy for the MBA students.

Chris started out as a musician and learned web development to build somewhere to host his music. Now he helps other people from all backgrounds to bring their dream projects to life using simple, fast-start techniques.

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